Upon the recommendation of Brendan, I somewhat reluctantly started reading these short stories. Now, I say reluctantly not because I don’t trust Brendan as I trust his choices for me implicitly. I say reluctantly because he made me step out of my comfort zone. I usually read horror, mystery, thrillers and even the occasional romance. These stories are hard to categorize. They seem worldly, folksy and autobiographical all at the same time. They bellow with tears of joy and pain. They tell stories that I’d never heard before with most of them containing some type of hardship. While I would normally sit down and finish a book of short stories in one sitting, I found that impossible with this one. Some stories were so heavy and so intense I knew I had to break them up. It’s like I needed time away to savor and ingest each story.

Two thumbs up to Tara Masih. I thoroughly enjoyed your work and you have broadened my horizons with your stories. And, oh yes, an extra P.S. – Thanks, Brendan 🙂