I realized while reading this short story just how little I actually know about the great Hemingway. And had I actually read the blurb that told me about this wonderful tale, I would have been a tad more enlightened about the missing valise. Serves me right for waiting until after I was finished the book to read it. I always knew there were people out there who thrive after the great hunts of our time – The Holy Grail, missing manuscripts and assorted findings in tombs and crypts. I love the conspiracy theories that surround important/famous missing items. And this story was no exception. Traipsing across Paris, waiting for the rendezvous…it was all very exciting. And almost unfathomable that someone could be so infatuated with Hemingway. I felt like Jones would pay any price for that next elusive bit if history that no one else has seen concocted by Hemingway’s own hand. This was a great short story with a nice surprise ending.