What a surprise ending – on both counts! I shan’t divulge any information on either counts because I really do detest spoilers. Movie endings, book endings – it bothers me to no end when all is revealed. I also can’t help myself, and will read something if it says spoiler alert!

At first I had no sympathy for Claire as she seemed so miserable in her new small town. But it was like she was making zero effort there and just pined for her California beaches. She also appeared as if her husband’s drunk accident wasn’t really bothering her. But maybe she was suffering from a touch of the madness. Her choice in friend, Lisa, was a poor one, but everyone must lie in the bed of their choosing and I know Claire lives to regret this.

This short story was a wonderfully quick peek into a few sordid lives in a small town and one incident that turns everything upside down. Well done!