Another blockbuster by Linwood Barclay! I didn’t really enjoy the first few chapters (other than the prologue) and thought that this one might have been a tough read. However, after getting past Cynthia’s annoying paranoias, I really began to enjoy the story. Linwood can spin a remarkable tale and always makes me want to finish his books in one sitting. There are always twists and turns to his novels that inevitably lead you down the wrong path. In this book’s case, I was completely clueless. After having the bomb drop, that’s when I remembered all the subtle (and not so subtle, smack you in the head) clues.

Linwood is one of my favorite authors these days in the thriller category. He can’t write quickly enough to appease me. It also shocks me because he’s Canadian. There are very few Canadian authors I like. I’d rank him right up there with my most treasured Brit authors. Keep pumping out the good stuff, Linwood!