I have now finished the entire Mervyn Stone trilogy. Will there be more? I honestly wasn’t sure if I would like this third part. I thought the second novel was inferior to the first and I was afraid that this one might limp along. However, I was delighted to see that Cursed Among Sequels was almost as brilliant as number one. (Nothing beats a murder or two that occur at a sci-Fi convention!) Mervyn is hired to help out on a remake of Vixens from the Void, his space-age Dynasty rip-off cult classic tv series from the 80s. It always amazes me how he continually gets suckered back into the Vixens lair, becomes a super genius investigator, and narrowly misses a horrible, painful death.

I’ve never been a sci-Fi fan. My dad and brother were the fans in the household. In fact, I think they both have blister-packed action figures lurking in their homes. Granted, my dad’s were probably gifts from my brother. But the both are still addicted to Doctor Who and Torchwood. I even have a nasty ex who was a Trekker and force fed me old Star Trek movies. All of that aside, this series tickled my funny bone and brought back memories of my tortured youth where Sundays were ruled by the males having ownership over the remote control with dreary Science Fiction programming brainwashed into my brain. I guess the point I’d like to make is: this series is for everyone. Mystery lovers will be highly entertained. Comedy lovers will giggle themselves silly. And Sci-Fi lovers….well let’s just hope they can laugh at themselves. Just a little bit.