I got really bored with this one half way through. So it sat, vegetating, on my bedside table until today. I still wanted to know who killed her husband so I took an hour this afternoon and completed it. To be honest, it was not the most thrilling, or plausible, of conclusions. Nor was it very satisfying. At least not to me. I did quite enjoy Grandma Ethel and her partner Sparky. Grandma may have no scruples but she can swear like a trucker and that made me laugh.

Who didn’t I like? The widow Gersten. She was so materialistic and her constant degrading of almost everyone became tiresome. Did I really care how well people dressed or how well they wore their designer or non-designer clothing? I would have preferred to hear more about her triplets. I also disliked the good doctor’s parents. They were snobs to the nth degree. Susie’s parents were also rather unlikable. It’s like they peered down their noses at anyone who was above the blue collar. It’s a shame that most of the characters in this book were so unlikable.