So far, I think this is my favorite Brian Freeman. I wondered if I was going to enjoy it as the cover has a bloody shovel partially buried in snow. I tend to dislike books with snow as a major part of the plot. Maybe because winter here in Canada can be so cold and miserable sometimes and I don’t want to relive it. However, The Burying Place does not centre itself around snow, it’s just a minor irritation in the background. Never judge a book by it’s cover, they say. I usually do though. It’s a good thing I’m drawn to a lot of covers!

Stride is still a grumpy Gus. He seems to be getting worse as now he is having some pretty vivid flashbacks accompanied by blacking out. And there’s a massive strain on the relationship between him and Serena. But they are draw into a lost baby case together where their life together must take a backseat. And let’s not forget the missing women and one murder that’s running simultaneously. The missing baby’s father, an egotistical surgeon, looks to be their prime suspect but appears squeaky clean. This is a fast paced thriller with the usual twists and turns.