I like short stories, and it’s a toss up between horror and mystery as to which I like best. Probably horror, as character development is less important in that type of short fiction. Tally Harbour (excellent name, by the way) can certainly tell a good tale. This book has many different types of “scary people” in it – some of them deranged, twisted and slightly psychotic. I really liked that the stories didn’t revolve around the big phenomenon of the paranormal. Since its the biggest rage right now, it was good to not read a full book of vampies, wolvies and ghosties.

I liked that Tally wrote from all sorts of characters points of view: an older man reminiscing about the witch he knew when he was a boy, a man who gets talked into visiting an armadillo farm, the lady who marries a cruel preacher and gets her own back, and other walks of life. I also enjoyed that these stories aren’t written to entertain a young male teenager. Most older horror stories feature gratuitous violence and sex, reminiscent of pre-teen boy fandom. Tally’s violence is just enough to get the point across when needed and is free of unnecessary sexual content. The stories are mostly psychological and creepy – perfect for me.