Philly. I mean the city, not the sandwich. And Ms. Pepper. In my eyes, one does not go without the other. The City of Brotherly Love would be a much lesser place without Mandy, the teacher. Amanda Pepper is looking for some extra cash and decides that teaching summer school is the definitive answer. At least she gets to teach in her own school. Most of the other teachers are from different schools and so Mandy gets to once again try out her social skills. I, like her, detest most of her new colleagues. Except Flora. I feel bad for her because she’s such a likable character. To have to deal with hate mongering because she’s black must be a horrible thing. There seems to be quite the rash of hat crime happening in Philly that summer. Gang shootings, anonymous letters and graffiti adorning the nicest of buildings.

But back to the teachers. Five is a smug bugger. All the women fall for him, which immediately make him a turnoff for me. And Lowell….well he’s just a sniveling weenie. Poor Amanda, getting stuck with him because her mother knows his mother….makes them sound like they’re 16! Aldiss – now that’s a woman who needs to be wiped off the face of the earth. To imagine, being a teacher in a classroom that has major multiculture happening and being that much of a racist pig!! Every time she opened her mouth I wanted to slap her silly.

I love your books, Gillian Roberts. I love seeing what mess Ms. Pepper gets herself embroiled in. And I love that there always seems to be some moral standpoint behind every novel. Can’t wait to see what happens next – both at school and at “home”.