It’s been awhile since I’ve read anything. My reading juice has disappeared! However, I had to take the time to read Brian’s latest book. It’s definitely a stunner and is a two thumbs up necessary read for everyone!


Brian creates a really wonderful tale in his recent book, An Order of Coffee and Tears. He knows how to write the suspense, the fears of everyday life and how difficult it can be living with an earth-shattering secret. His sense of family among friends is truly astounding. I wanted to learn more about this little diner family and wanted the tale to continue well into the characters Golden Years.

Gabby is someone that almost every woman can feel akin to. There are characteristics she has that reminded me of myself, and I saw in a lot of my female friends. Mrs. Potts is a wonderful mother figure who cares deeply for her “wards”. I would have loved to make her materialize in real life. I felt terrible for Suzette and what she allowed herself to be put through in that horrible marriage of hers. I felt sad for the owner of the diner, Junior, as he never seemed to be able to catch a break. And these folks are just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s definitely a small world, and Brian Spangler paints this so well within Angela’s Diner. It’s a place that everyone could dream about, wishing there was just such a place right around the corner from your own home, in your own small town.